This tutorial was written for version 257 and revised for version 263.


How to dig your first hole


Camera controls

You can move the camera by pressing the arrow keys and rotate with shift + left/right and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

Holding ctrl while moving the mouse wheel will move you up and down.


How to look at things

Leftclicking on units, items, and trees will have a description pop up at the bottom.

Holding alt and hovering over blocks will tell you about that block in the bottom as well.


Making your first pick

At the start you should find yourself in a situation similiar to this one:

 Now leftclick a unit it should now look like this:

Now rightclick on the white square thing the units are standing on:

Press SPACE to open this unit's attributes to the left and inventory to the right:

Now press q OR press the button that is top left in the button grid in the bottom right of the screen labeled 'pick up all':

That unit's inventory is now filled with crafting materials. You can left click on each one to find out what they are.

If you're ready to move on, click the button that is labeled 'Open crafting'.

Scroll down the crafting menu using the mouse wheel and find the 'Pick' entry:

Having done that, press SPACE again to close the inventory and the unit should now be smashing materials together to craft a pick. If you want, you can keep the inventory open and observe the different stages of crafting that are happening.

After the unit is done, there should be a pick in it's inventory looking like this:


Actually digging with this

Rightclick that unit over where you want to dig, hold ALT at the block you want to dig and rightclick at the block:

The unit should start digging.

You can also ctrl leftclick other blocks and they will be highlit yellowish and automatically dug

In order to dig down, you need to hold ALT, hover over one of the edges of the block and rightclick:


Some advice/thoughts

  • If you're wondering how to do something try to looking at all the buttons on screen and in the controls (F10 -> options -> controls tab)
  • Soak in the descriptions of the items in the world and in the inventory by left clicking them, as well as buttons in the interface, as some of them might give you useful information.
  • If you die to the first enemy NPCs showing up try investing your attribute, and -talent points as well as making simple weapons (it is meant to be hard).
  • The game is in "communications mode" by default, which means you have an avatar and if that avatar dies, you lose the game. Also, units that have been away for too long from that avatar (as indicated by the "control left" text on the unit) will not be controllable anymore until you send someone over.
  • If you're looking to change some balance gameplay settings go to <gamefolder>/optionfiles/server_config.txt, like only being able to see what your units see, rather than being all-seeing.
  • The game uses the modifiers CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT alot for different functions.
  • By default ore occurs in large, far-spread deposits only.
  • To get more units you need to build beds. After a while a new unit will spawn at a newly constructed bed. (Unless you're playing the imps.)
  • It might be advisable to make your avatar difficult to take down, or turn off the "communications mode" in the server_config.txt if you don't like having to care for that one unit.
  • If your starting units are stuck where you can't select them, you can select all units by pressing L.
  • If you mine a tile to the lowest position a floor bit remains. To get rid of it just ALT + Right click it again, and it will be instantly removed.